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June Newsletter:

Summer Reading Lists: If you finish reading the book I asked you to read, you can pick one off of the list below.

2nd Grade Reading List:

3rd Grade Reading List:

4th Grade Reading List:

Caesar's English 1 Reading List: (4th and 5th grade students will participate in this program in the 2018-2019 school year.)

Caesar's English 1 students

Mensa Reading Program Information:

Club Sign-Ups: Information for the 2018-2019 season will be posted in August.
  • Chess Club: (2nd through 5th Grade)

  • Coding Club: (4th and 5th Grade)

  • EBOB (Battle of the Books Club): (4th and 5th Grades)

  • Robotics Club: Wednesdays: (4th Grade and 5th Grade)

  • Blythe Cross Country Team: Starts September 11th at 3:10-4:30 (Practice days Monday/Thursday)

  1. Registration for grades 3rd-5th will start in September by going to the Cross Country for Youth website at http://www.crosscountryforyouth.org/.

2nd Grade Testing: 2018-2019 Testing Dates TBA

Fall TD Parent Meeting: 2018-2019 TBA

Login Information for Edgenuity:

How to Prepare for the EOG: IB students should be self motivated to review for the EOG!

The Academically & Intellectually Gifted Program in CMS

The goal of the Talent Development and Advanced Studies Program in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is to provide rigorous curriculum and academic opportunities whereby each student may reach a classroom performance level consistent with his/her intellectual ability.

Advanced Placement AVID Horizons International Baccalaureate (IB) Magnet Program TD Catalyst Program Elementary Schools In CMS, elementary students are identified when they demonstrate extraordinary problem solving or aptitude in a combination of areas including intellectual, academic, leadership, artistic, creativity, language arts, and math. The majority of identification takes place in the second grade; there are additional screenings in the fourth grade and on an as-needed basis. To grow academically, identified students have clear or extreme strengths that require differentiated curriculum. In addition to language arts and math skills grouping, elementary curriculum enrichment designed for those students extends beyond the standard course of study.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools uses a variety of instruments to identify second grade students. These include Standardized Testing (the Cognitive Abilities Test, and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills), a nationally normed Gifted Rating Scales, and a student-created portfolio. There is a specific listing of Gateways for second grade identification. Grades three through twelve are identified using a composite score on a nationally normed achievement and aptitude test.

Elementary students who are identified as gifted have two choices within CMS. The first choice is one of the six academic magnet centers that offer full-time gifted classrooms for students in grades 3-5. These schools offer an enriched, accelerated academic program where students are challenged to reach their full potential. Placement is available during the annual CMS magnet school lottery. Students in these schools are guaranteed placement in the Middle Years International Baccalaureate Program. For additional information on each of the magnet schools, please visit the Annual Magnet School Information Fair. You can also contact The Family Application Center or The Magnet Office for specific application information.

The second choice is the Elementary (K-5) Catalyst model within the home school. In this model, implementation of the program is a joint effort by the classroom teachers and the Talent Development (TD) teachers who use the technique of "consultation and collaboration" as they develop curriculum and participate in professional development. The Catalyst model allows the classroom and TD teachers to design and implement frequent differentiated educational experiences for gifted children.

CMS also offers Horizons, a program for highly gifted students in grades K through 12. Please click on the link to the Horizons program or contact the Talent Development and Advanced Studies office for information about this program.
Middle Schools Each middle school receives support from a full-time Academic Facilitator who works with students and teachers to develop rigorous, accelerated, complex curriculum and appropriate instructional practices. High performing middle school students are evaluated annually for instructional placement in Honors or Standard Plus language arts and math courses. Students are grouped in classes or clusters for instruction in those courses.

High Schools At the high school (9-12) level, through the Advanced Studies Program, students may select the interdisciplinary or discipline-specific Honors or Advanced Placement® course work. All high schools offer Advanced Placement® courses; five high schools offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in eleventh and twelfth grades and the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) for ninth and tenth grades.

If you have questions about the identification of gifted students, or if you have questions about the program in your school, contact the school directly. For additional information or assistance, please contact the Talent Development/Advanced Studies/AVID office, located at Walton Plaza Suite 500, 700 E. Stonewall Street, 28202, (980) 343-6955 or (980) 343-2795.