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Recommended List: Excellence In Reading
There is no time like the present to get started on that Summer reading! Instead of providing a "Summer" Reading list, we are encouraging students to read quality literature throughout the year. We want to encourage our TD students and ALL students to have an appreciation for quality literature and a love of reading. We are suggesting that children participate in the Mensa For Kids Excellence In Reading program. The Mensa Foundation is providing a year-round challenge to kids of all ages based on the

http://www.neh.gov/news/summertime-favorites, with some alterations. The directions for the reading program are on the site and how your child can earn a Mensa For Kids Excellence in Reading T-shirt. We like these reading lists because they represent many books that students should read before they leave elementary school, as well as some for middle and high school aged children. Even if you choose not to participate in the reading challenge, these are all good books that children should read.

Below are the links to the website and the links to the lists:
Mensa For Kids: Excellence in Reading Challenge

National Endowment for the Hummanities "Summertime Favorites" Complete Reading List

Mensa Excellence In Reading Program Directions and T-Shirt Order Form

Reading Lists
K-3rd Reading List
4th-6th Reading List
7th - 8th Grade Reading List

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