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Fourth Grade 2016-2017 Documents:

We will use these throughout the year.

Fraction Quilt Activity Link:

4th grade Curriculum
24 Game/First In Math www.firstinmath.com

The Problem Solver Grade 4

Math Superstars Grade 4

Math STARS Grade 4

Beyond Words - William & Mary Literacy Curriculum
Junior Great Books Series 4
Jacob's Ladder (non-fiction text) connected to Imagine It themes
1. Number Games Around the World - magic squares, tangrams, games and codes, Fibonacci series, counting with knots, games and hands on activities
2. A Voice for the Animals - History of the SPCA - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, charts, timelines and pictures
3. Sports Math - math in sports, teams sports, individual achievements, extreme sports, unusual sports, charts, averages, math problems, meters with distance
4. Human Body - your body, cells, command central, senses, muscles, breathing, blood, hands, fuel, digestion, invaders, diagrams, pictures, and graphs
5. Plant Atlas - Arctic, tropical Rain Forest, temperature in the Rain Forest, deciduous forest, grasslands, deserts, plants, maps, pictures, and diagrams

6. Our Solar System - Find out about the components of our solar system and read interesting facts about Earth's atmosphere and the force of gravity on the planets
7. Animals at the Extremes - Find out about the likenesses and differences of amphibians, birds, fish, reptiles, and mammals by learning about invertebrate and vertebrate species
8. Colonial Times- Find out about what it was like to live, work, and play in colonial America and meet some of the influential people from that era.
9. After the Earthquake - Find out about the causes of earthquakes and the devastation that is caused by the avalanches, landslides, and tsunamis that often follow.

10. Mathematical Thinkers - Find out about the most influential mathematical thinkers from ancient to modern times.

11. Building Bridges - Find out about five kids of bridges, how they are built, and how they work.

* As your child prepares for the EOG this year, you may find it helpful to utilize previous EOG released tests at

Math Olympiad www.moems.org