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5th Grade 2016-2017 Documents

Articles for The Butterfly Project:

Steps to Writing a Novel Response

Written Response Rubric

Grammar Lesson November 18th:
Directions for page 27: Write a definition for each Part of Speech and put the words from the word list in the correct category.

Future Lessons: These activities have not been assigned yet!
We are working on poetry and the elements of poetry. Below are the lists of items the students have to find one example of in different poems. Students should be reading poems and collecting copies of them to share with other students.

Poems that students can use for the Scavenger Hunt.

5th grade Curriculum

Math Olympiad www.moems.org

24 Game/First In Math www.firstinmath.com

The Problem Solver Grade 5

Math Superstars Grade 5
Math STARS Grade 5


Beyond Words - William & Mary Literacy Curriculum
Junior Great Books Series 5

Jacob's Ladder (Non-fiction text used to extend the Imagine It reading series and incorporate higher level thinking skills and questioning)
1. Lewis and Clark - Louisiana Purchase, prepare for the expedition, St. Louis to Fort Mandan, Winter at Fort Mandan, Fort Mandan to the Pacific Ocean, their return trip, maps, diagrams, and pictures
2. Portraits of Greatness
3. American History Adds Up
4. Conquering Mount Everest
5. Trackers of Dynamic Earth
6. Native Peoples

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Novel Studies